Friday, June 15, 2012

So I come to Prague and I’m here for about a week, writing 5 hours a DAY for the first time in my life and making HUGE progress when I get an invitation to see a friend in a play. At Divadlo Na Pradle. In Prague. Just across the river from my new apartment.
I am in Prague, CZ until September finishing my memoir. I have come here because I’m so distracted by Los Angeles. If Los Angeles were a man, he would be a very bad boy, but spiritually aware, and you know, working  on it. Essentially just my type. Hard to work with all that energy flying around. I decide that a little Shakespeare might inspire me so I walk across the bridge to the theatre and the play is Venus and Adonis. We have just, the entire planet, endured the first stages of Venus in retrograde, which will last through September so I figure it’s appropriate. It’s fittin’ as Mama would say. And there is my friend, my Act Now client, in all her glory wearing black stockings and a corset and whipping a red ribbon around and that’s not at all distracting.
I decide to just go with it, because that is what I am all about right now. That is what Venus is about. That is what art is about. And my friend, a fellow actress and “Angelina” does inspire me with her rapture. She is so excited to be in Prague, to be in the Fringe Festival, to be here with her castmates and to be a young artist tasting success. So I made this little video to share. Because I thought it might inspire others as well. So here it is (below). Enjoy. And then back to work!!!

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