Tuesday, November 2, 2010


You decide. My top ten favorite games:

10. The first time I saw Tim Lincecum pitch. Magic. He reminded me that baseball is like poetry—it is a metaphor for life.

9. Watching the Giants beat the Padres. In San Diego!

8. My first memory of a Giants game is shivering, wrapped in a blanket, following my Dad around Candlestick Park looking for our car. My hands were sticky with mustard from a hot dog. I was probably 5.

7. Kevin Mithcell will always be my favorite Giant. I was there the day he caught a would-be home run ball at the back of center field with his bare hand. Magnificent.

6. Once I went to a game at Candlestick with a girlfriend and sat in the cheap seats and got rip-roaring drunk and hollered at the outfield with the rest of the deadbeat reprobates.

5. When I was 22 I went to see a Giants game with my Mom and my Dad. That’s the only time I recall seeing a game with both of them. I wore a (rather revealing) black one-piece swimsuit with orange workout shorts and my Giants cap. Boys were handing me their phone numbers. Mama was proud. Dad? Not so much.

4. Watching the Giants beat the Dodgers. In Los Angeles!

3. 1989 World Series. I was with the man I was dating at the time and my Dad who were both telling me how to drive when the road flipped up in front of us like a carpet. We got there, went inside, and were sent home due to an earthquake. We had warm beer and salad at Hamburger Mary’s instead.

2. My first time at AT&T park. The stadium is beautiful, fanciful, almost like a theme park for baseball lovers. We sat behind home plate and Dad caught a foul ball. When he gave it to me I felt 5 all over again.

1. World Series Championship 2010! I watched this one from Casa Vega in Sherman Oaks with a bunch of strangers and cried on the phone with my Dad when we won. What a game. What a team. What a year.


  1. I tried to post previously but it did'nt post. So, I'll try again.

    I love your expressive writing. It puts me right there in the moment. Your writing has always had this quality of participation with the reader.

    My wish for your writing is that you write all the time about everything that interests you - - just keep writing and writing and writing (and editing)and your art will take care of itself.

  2. Great read! Everything you could want from a true sports fan: ups; downs; historic moments; and sentimental ones because of the company.

    I live up in Alberta, Canada and became a Giants fan back when I was 10. The Battle Of The Bay was under way and I hadn't a favorite team. Being a 49ers fan already I went with the Giants. Will Clark was instantly my fave player. Been a big fan ever since and I even managed to attend a game at AT&T in 2010. Lost 2-1 to the Brewers but got to see Lincecum pitch, lucky enough.

    Thank you for writing this, really enjoyed it. (As I write this the Giants are up 5-1 in the top of the 6th in game 2 of the NLCS) GO GIANTS!!!

    Travis Currie