Thursday, February 11, 2010


Okay, so some of these were not whispered. But you get the point. These are 'lines' that were said to me by men whom I was in fact romantically involved with, flirting with, or considering flirting with. In honor of Valentine's Day, I submit them for your entertainment /ridicule /emulation (if you dare).

10. "Do u want 2 go 2 Paris?" Mmm. Yeah, who doesn't. Still, a nice invitation. Which I had to decline. Sigh. You just don't ask that in a text.

9. "I think you underestimate your charisma." You know this was said with sincerity, and that made it a double compliment. Charismatic and humble? Has he met me?

8. "Someday will you tell me what Stairway To Heaven means?" My high school crush wrote this in my yearbook. I was the only girl in Palo Alto who knew all the words. I did not, however, know what they meant.

7. "Jesus Dufflyn." I had just taken my shirt off.

6. "You seem comfortable in your own skin." I worked hard for that. Nice of you to notice.

5. "When we get married..." Yeah he stopped dead there. The look on his face--he was even more shocked than me at the words he'd just uttered. The one who (nevertheless) got away.

4. "Do you want to drive?" Yes. Pretty much always. But especially on that day. He had a Ferrari Testarosa. Red. Divine. And as it turned out, borrowed from Joe Montana.

3. "I want to know everything about you." Nice one. Don't say that unless you mean it though.

2. "I want to read you a story. It's Hemingway." I am a sucker for a man who will read to me.

1. "I'm going to kiss you now." I don't know about the rest of you, but I like it when a fella can take charge and still be polite about it.

And one last thing. "Do you want to take a walk?" Now this goes under the special heading of Most Romantic Thing A Man Ever Did For Me. On my 30th birthday my then-boyfriend had twelve dozen roses sent to our house. Next, he asked me this mysterious question. I love a walk, so naturally I said yes. After we strolled through the park there was a horse and carriage waiting to take us to the restaurant where we had dinner that night.

So that's my list. I've shown you mine. Now, you show me yours....comment below!


  1. "I wish there were more scary parts"-- right before my first kiss, after I told the guy I was sorry for squeezing his hand during the scary parts of a movie.

  2. 8. "Someday will you tell me what Stairway To Heaven means?" That has to be my fav...

    Also, I was always a fan of the classic: "was your father a thief?...because he stole the sparkle out of the stars and put them in your eyes." Cheezy as the day is long! HaHa!

  3. I do know why you knew all the words to "Stairway to Heaven"!