Monday, January 18, 2010

postcard (an exercise)

I am eight. Cousin Nae Nae is ten. We play spelling bee in her backyard. She is a know-it-all with her Minnie Mouse voice.

My Mama told me, “This is Georgia. You have to keep an eye on the ground.” I am worried about snakes.

Later, we ride bikes on the road in front of her house. It is all sand. I can’t keep up. We go inside to play with Nae Nae’s Barbies but she won’t share so I bite her.

I pretend to be sorry but really I am not.


  1. you left out the part where when you were discovered biting, your mother took you in front of of Nae Nae and bit you back! what a whale of squalling.

  2. I am glad you remember all those details. I just remember the bite. Nae-Nae